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24th March 17
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Daisy, Isobel & Mrs James go to London!!


On Friday the third of March, Mrs James, Daisy and I went to London.

We started are journey at Preston station. Our train arrived at platform four. It was a two and a half hour ride.

Next we got the tube from Euston to Embankment (we went on the northern line). Then we got out of the underground up to the city.

When we got out we saw the River Thames and the London Eye. We kept walking and saw many different monuments and statues.

Then we saw the amazing Big Ben!!!!! We waited three minutes until one pm and we heard it DONG. It only donged once because it was one pm.

Next we saw Downing Street, New Scotland yard (police headquarters), lots of different offices and cool buildings.

Luckily it didn’t rain!!! Surprisingly it was really nice weather.

After that we went to . . . Buckingham palace. The Queen was in because the flag was up. Also Daisy and I SAW THAT THERE WERE LIGHTS ON IN SOME OF THE ROOMS ON THE SECOND FLOOR!!

We went into St James’ park were we saw the fabulous Big Ben once again. We walked for a bit past West Minister Palace and then we met our destination; the education centre of Parliament. We waited a while and then it was our turn to go in .

Daisy and I went through security; which included putting our bags through an x-ray machine and walking through a detector; (kind of like an airport).

We went a weird route into the actual Parliament building. The first room we went into was the robing room this is where the Queen puts her robes and her crown on.

The next room we went into was the House of the Lords. This room is mainly red.

Written By Isobel - Y6