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22nd July 18

Signing out!


I am truly thankful for so many blessings I’ve known at Cop Lane.

Miss Carter                                                                                                                                                          Wow! This truly has been a week “in the pink!” I have been blown away by the huge outpouring of love I have been blessed to experience this week. From “flash mob” dancing on the playground, Y6 performing reggae music in their leavers’ worship, a whole school picnic on the school field, an amazing act of collective worship, parents and grandparents dropping in to see me and some beautiful and touching words in cards and letters. All these events have taken massive amounts of organisation at a very busy time of year and I am touched and very grateful for the hard work that has gone into them – as well as being amazed that I didn’t get a gist of any of it!

Cop Lane is a very special place and I make no apology for saying we (children, parents, staff, and governors) are extremely fortunate to be part of it. I know from my other work as a school adviser to 11 other schools what a huge difference being in such an outstanding school makes to children’s outcomes, experiences and ultimately life chances. At Cop Lane your children are taught and cared for by a wonderful and dedicated team of people who work harder than any I have ever known. They care for your child(ren) deeply and want to give them the widest range of opportunities and experiences, often at personal cost to themselves and their families. As I leave the school and reflect on 34 years in teaching, the one element that truly saddens me is the public demise of trust in teachers and the disrespectful way they are often spoken to. So much more can be achieved by engaging in conversations respectfully and this is a life lesson our children desperately need to learn and have modelled. It is good to see that many of you value this too and support the school in this approach. It is a wonderful gift you could give to both the current staff and Mr Ashmore as new Headteacher.

So; moving on. I am not retiring entirely as I will still be working 2 days per week as an adviser to 11 schools in east Lancashire. However, it is refreshing to think I will have a little more control over my diary and maybe get chance to see the world at different times of year and even make Tesco at quieter times of the day/week! I hope to pick up a few old hobbies and maybe even take up some new ones, but most importantly I look forward to catching up with the friends and family I have not managed to spend time with over recent years. Time is the greatest gift we can give to each other, children especially.                                                                      

God bless #teamCop Lane.






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Please take a minute to read our latest faith school inspection report which judges us to remain Outstanding. We hope you are proud to be part of such a special community.

Christian Value


Our Christian Value this half term is:


Headteacher's Welcome


A warm welcome to Cop Lane Church of England Primary School.  

"A Christian Community

Committed to one another

Giving our very best at all times.”

Thank you for taking time to visit our website!


On behalf of everyone at Cop Lane Church of England Primary School, pupils, teachers, parents and governors, I would like to thank you for your interest in our school. Our school vision can be summed up in our mission statement summary, “Giving our very best at all times.”

A feature that visitors to Cop Lane CE Primary School often comment on is the welcoming, Christian atmosphere and ethos that permeates the school.  If you are new to Cop Lane we hope you also sense this caring atmosphere and that you feel you would want to entrust us with the education and care of that most precious person, your child.

Our website is designed to give you an insight into the life of the school and I hope it will encourage you to visit us to see what school life is like at Cop Lane.  If you would like to visit the school then please make contact with us and we will be delighted to meet with you, show you our school at work and discuss any queries you might have.

We pride ourselves at Cop Lane School on being a school that values the long held ideals of hard work, politeness, care for others and being part of a team.  We uphold these values whilst also recognising the need to prepare our children for the demands of being a full and active member of our ever changing society, able to embrace all the technological developments that this entails. It is our aim to provide your child with a broad, balanced and high quality education within the context of a Christian/Anglican ethos.  We are a school where high expectations in all areas is the norm and where the love of God motivates all our actions, this means we also respect and honour people from a diversity of faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Miss P Carter




Pupil's Welcome


Cop Lane CE Primary School is a Christian community made up of one big family where everyone matters. We learn in exciting and creative ways using some fantastic resources. We are a healthy, active school who love learning both indoor and out! All of our staff team are caring and encouraging; trust and respect are the foundations of our school. We can have fun with our teachers whilst learning at the same time. Positive attitudes and growth mind set really helps us to make progress. Cop Lane is simply the BEST! 

Y6 pupils

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Miss P Carter. Headteacher.